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Within the NHS technology is ever evolving and here at Eastham Group Practice that continues to be the case. Over recent years various facilities have been enabled allowing patients to access more services online. In order to do this patients will need to register for “Patient Access”. To obtain your own registration please call into the practice for your “Registration Letter” which will provide you with an unique User ID and allow you to create a password. You will need to provide a form of photographic ID to retrieve this information.  Once registered you will be able to pre-book appointments, view your appointment history, order repeat prescriptions and ultimately view some of your results and investigations.

What is Patient Access?

With Patient Access you can:

  • Book new appointments without having to phone.
  • Order repeat prescriptions so they are ready to pick up.
  • Change your address details in seconds.
  • View parts of your medical record including immunisation and medication lists
  • Send secure messages to the practice.  Replies are usually within 24 hours. Do not use this for urgent problems.

How do I access these services?

If you are registered as a patient at Eastham Group Practice, you can sign up for on-line services with us.  You will need to bring in some form of identification to reception, so that we can verify who you are.  Reception will then provide you with a print out containing all you need for registering for on-line services.  You can then use the link below to complete this process.  Once you’ve done this initial step, future log-ins for the services are much more straightforward.  There is even smart phone app available, so you can use all these services on the go.

Please note:  You may notice that the Patient Access website refers to an option of registering for their service on-line, before getting the PIN number form reception.  As a practice we have decided not to enable this, as verification is still ultimately required at reception, and we feel it is simpler for both the patient and the practice to stick to the process outlined above.

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