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Cervical Screening

We recommend that all women from the age of 25 to 50 have a smear test every 3 years, then every 5 years to age 65. You may make an appointment for a smear with the practice nurse during normal working hours. Please do not try to book in for a smear test unless you have had a letter from the Cervical Screening Service to say you are due. You can only have your smear test on or after the date you are due. Please note, if you wish to cancel your smear test, we ask you to kindly let us know as early as possible, as Nurse appointments which are cancelled at short notice can rarely be filled by another patient.

You will receive the results of your smear in 4-6 weeks.  Visit the NHS website for more information.

Family Planning

Visit Sexual Health Wirral’s website by clicking this link: https://www.sexualhealthwirral.nhs.uk/


Here at Eastham Group Practice, we offer Gynaecology Services for our patients and external patients who can be referred by their own GP Practice or by Wirral Sexual Health Clinics.

If you have been referred into Eastham Group Practice we will contact you first to book a telephone consultation with our doctor before we can book you in for the procedure.

*We currently have a waiting list for these services.

Please be advised not to bring children along to your appointment.

If you would like to book into this service please fill in the below form.  A member of our team will contact you with a telephone consultation first then you will be booked into clinic following this.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is a treatment used to relieve symptoms of the menopause. It replaces the female hormones that are at a lower level as you experience the menopause.

Oestrogen and progesterone are female hormones that play important roles in a woman’s body. Falling levels cause a range of physical and emotional symptoms, including hot flushes, mood swings and vaginal dryness.

The aim of HRT is to restore female hormone levels, which can bring relief to many women, please follow the link to NHS information  www.nhs.uk/conditions/hormone-replacement-therapy-hrt/risks/

New HRT Prescription Prepayment Certificate

HRT is a first line treatment in helping to manage symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. But it’s not always easily available. We’ve been calling for improved access to HRT and hope this new certificate will help to make it more accessible to those who may need it.

The new certificate, which can be purchased from the NHS website for a one-off payment of £19.30, will cover an unlimited number of HRT medicines for 12 months.

Patient Details

MM slash DD slash YYYY


Height, Weight and Blood Pressure.

Are you currently taking your HRT?
If you have a uterus this must include a progesterone component eg Mirena Coil in date (5 years since insertion), Utogeston or combined HRT as advised
Have you had a Hysterectomy?
Do you have a Mirena Coil in place, that has been inserted in the last 5 years?
What is the reason for you taking HRT?
Do you have a history of Endometriosis?


What is your Smoking status?
Do you drink alcohol?

Medical History

Do you have, or have you had a blood clot? (Sometimes called a Deep Vein Thrombosis or Pulmonary Embolus)
Do you have, or have you had breast cancer?
Do you suffer with Migraines?
Do you have periods or bleeding with your HRT?
Have you had any unexpected bleeding since starting HRT including after Intercourse?

Family History

Do you have any family history of heart disease or stroke under the age of 45 years?
Do you have any family history of blood clots (sometimes called a deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolus)?
Do you have any family history of breast cancer under the age of 50?

General Information

To safely prescribe HRT, we need to ensure that you are aware of the risks that may be present with HRT. Please indicate that you are happy to proceed with HRT despite these risks by answering the following questions
HRT is not always necessary, and many women find that they can reduce menopausal symptoms through regular exercise; by keeping their weight in a healthy range for their height and reducing alcohol and caffeine. Do you wish to proceed with HRT despite this?
Do you understand that rarely oral oestrogen as part of HRT can cause a clot and the symptoms/signs of a blood clot are calf pain and swelling, sharp chest pains, shortness of breath and coughing up blood and will seek urgent medical attention if these symptoms occur: (through the skin oestrogen does not have this risk)
Do you understand that you should tell a healthcare professional, that you are on HRT (if you take oral oestrogen) if you need to have an operation or have a period of prolonged immobilisation e.g. leg in plaster?
Do you understand that irregular vaginal bleeding on HRT should be reported to a clinician?

Screening History

Are you up to date with your smears?
If you are over 50, are you up to date with your breast screening? Breast screening is normally every 3 years for ages 50-70 years
Do you have any new breast symptoms that weren’t here before eg lump, nipple discharge?
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Pill Check

Are you due an annual Contraceptive medication review?

  • If you are happy with your contraception and don’t feel that you need to see a Clinician to discuss any issues, then please complete this questionnaire and email it to cmicb-wi.prescriptions.easthamgrouppractice@nhs.net.
  • If you want to change your contraception or are having any problems, then please book a review with a Clinician.

Contraception Choices

What is the best contraception choice for you?

Visit the below website to learn what contraception options are available and information about each method.


If you are still unsure or have any questions, speak to one of our clinicians or your pharmacy team who are here to help you.

Are you pregnant?

While the only way to find out for sure is to take a pregnancy test, this quiz will let you know the likelihood of pregnancy based on your current symptoms.

Once your pregnancy is confirmed contact the midwives directly 0151 604 7682.

Maternity Services are provided at Arrowe Park Hospital.

Once you have had your 20 scan you can book your whooping cough injection at the Practice 0151 3271391.

Once baby is born

  • Midwife clinics are at Eastham Group Practice managed by the midwives who will book you in for any appointments.
  • An appointment will need to be made for baby and mother to come into Practice at 6-8 weeks for child health surveillance and mum post natal and first lot of injections.

Routine childhood immunisations schedule