Immunisations & Vaccinations

Flu Vaccinations

We hold flu vaccination clinics each year during the autumn. If you are over 65, have a long term health condition, are pregnant or are a carer, you may be eligible for a flu vaccine.

Covid boosters

We hold Covid booster clinics in line with current government guidance.

Shingles Vaccinations

If you are eligible for a shingles vaccine you will be contacted to book in. Since September 2023 the eligibility for the shingles vaccines includes:

  • Patients aged 70-79
  • Patients aged 65 who are turning 65 on or after 1st September 2023
  • Patients aged over 50 who are severely immunosuppressed (there is specific criteria for those eligible)

Anyone eligible will be contacted to book in to our clinics.

Childhood Vaccinations

Tetanus and poliomyelitis are serious and sometimes fatal illnesses that can be prevented by immunisation. If you have had a full course of immunisation against these illnesses up to school leaving age you should be fully protected. If you are not protected please make an appointment with the practice nurse. The polio vaccination is especially important  for parents of pre-school age infants attending for their immunisations.

Parents , please ensure your children receive the full immunisation programme. Details can be obtained from our practice nurse or health visitors. If you have any doubts about completion, please ask for advice.

Before bringing your baby for their Meningitis B vaccine, please give infant paracetamol. High rates of fever have been reported in infants receiving the Men B vaccine with their routine immunisations. Use of paracetamol has been advised for infants at the time of immunisation with the Men B vaccine to prevent fever. The guidance is that parents are to give 2.5ml (120mg/5ml) of liquid paracetamol to their babies around the time of immunisation or as soon as possible after the vaccines are administered. Parents will also be advised to give two further doses at 4-6 hourly intervals. Nurses will provide further information to parents at the immunisation appointments.

Travel Vaccinations

If you need vaccinations for travel, please check the latest advice online or contact the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. Once you know what vaccines you require you can contact our reception team to book in with our Practice Nurse.

Please visit GOV.UK website to learn more about immunisations.