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Practice Nurses & Healthcare Assistants

Our nursing team consists of 4 qualified nurses and 3 Healthcare Assistants.

Our practice nurses deliver a number of clinics throughout the week and are highly experienced in assisting our GPs and supporting our patients.  They successfully deliver a number of long-term health condition clinics including diabetes, asthma, COPD, coronary heart and stroke. On top of these they provide frailty assessments and reviews, dementia assessments, travel immunisation sessions and child health immunisations.

The practice has over 600 patients with diabetes, over 900 patients with respiratory disorders, over 400 patients with coronary heart disease and over 300 patients requiring anti-coagulation treatment. Our nursing team co-ordinate the care for all these patients and see them regularly to help control their symptoms. All of our nurses are highly qualified and are constantly looking to increase their knowledge and skills. The practice supports this in every way as it allows us to offer our patients a wider variety of services in the community.

Our Health Care Assistants (HCA’s) support our GP’s and nurses in caring for our patients. They offer a variety of services including anti-coagulation monitoring, blood pressure checks, B12 injections, ear syringing, hearing tests and ECG monitoring.

Our HCA’s help to look after our ever increasing elderly population; we have over 1200 patients aged 75+ and our HCA’s along with a Nurse and a GP offer in-depth assessments to assess mobility, risk of falls, memory, care planning, carer needs and lifestyle advice.

Our HCA’s also provide clinical support to Dr Cooke and Dr Huddlestone for Seafarers medicals including ENG and Oil & Gas.

As a practice we want to ensure all of our staff are equipped to help and support patients within the boundaries of their roles and expertise. This has led to a culture of learning and development and as a result we are able to upskill our staff to provide a wider range of patient services.

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