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Registering with a local general practice

General Practitioners (GPs) – are highly skilled doctors who are trained in all aspects of general medicine for example; child health, adult medicine and mental health.

Practice nurses are qualified and registered nurses who usually run clinics for long-term conditions for example; diabetes. Other healthcare professionals also work in a GP practice, for example pharmacists and physiotherapists. You can find out how to register with a GP surgery in the UK at:


To register with a GP, you will need to give your name, date of birth, address and telephone number if you have one. GP surgeries may ask to see proof of identity with your name and date of birth, but they cannot refuse to register you if these are not available.

After you have registered with your new GP, you might be asked to have a health check. This will usually be carried out by a nurse. It is important that you go to this appointment even if you are well.

If you move to a different part of the UK, you will need to register with a new GP. You can only be registered with one GP practice at a time. When attending appointments, it is acceptable to bring a friend or your host if this would be helpful to you.