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Prescription Information

Generic Policy

Every drug has 2 names. It can be very confusing. For example NUROFEN is a trade name or marketing name, the generic or chemical name is IBUPROFEN. Similarly PANADOL and PARACETAMOL.

The government encourage us to prescribe generically and usually there is no difference in the effect between a branded and a generic version. In drugs where there may be a difference then we will prescribe by the trade name.

It also means that sometimes the packaging in which you receive your medicine from the pharmacist will be different to the one you are used to. However, if you check the drug (generic) name on the packet, you should find that it is the same drug. If it isn’t, speak to your pharmacist!

Equivalence – quantity of drugs allowed on each prescription

Getting value for your tax-payer’s money

From time to time the cost of certain medicines reduces dramatically once the pharmaceutical companies have recouped the costs of development of that drug. We sometimes approach patients and ask if they will change their current medication to the better value preparation. We would only do this if we were sure that the change is suitable for you and that you would get the same benefits, without any added risks, from your original medication. As an example, there is a potential saving of £1 billion over the next five years.