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New Patients

The Practice welcomes new patients. When you register with us, we will request details of your past medical problems so as to avoid delay while we wait for your records to reach us. Hand written records can take anything up to three months to arrive at the practice. The Practice do now have the facility to transfer your notes electronically from GP to GP as long as your old practice is set up for this facility..

Register before you need us

Many new patients only register with us when they have a medical problem. We strongly recommend that you register when you move into the Practice area. This advice applies particularly to students who often forget to register with a doctor when they arrive at college. Other fit young professionals are rather proud of the fact that they still are registered with the family doctor where their parents live and regard it as a weakness to even consider that they might one day require an urgent appointment! While we would hope not turn any unregistered patient away, who requested help, it is much more sensible to plan.

New Patients

At the time of registration, patients are encouraged to see the practice nurse before consulting the doctor as much of the information regarding past medical problems can be sorted out then. If you are attending for a new patient check with the practice nurse, you may find if more convenient to bring a fresh urine sample with you rather than produce one at the time. The receptionist will hopefully give you a suitable container for this without drawing attention of the fact to the full waiting room of patients.

A new patient check is a good time to look at general health issues in your life such as healthy lifestyle, reducing risk of future disease, looking at illnesses that have occurred in your family, etc.

Part of our process for accepting new patients is the requirement to have a “New Patient Health Check” for which you must ring the surgery on 0151 327 1391 to book

Pre-registration with the practice

You may print off a registration form, fill it out and bring it in with you on your first visit to the practice.

Registration Form

When you register you will also be asked to fill out a medical questionnaire.

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